Many times will come home from a busy day at work, when were about to eat and the phone will ring. It’s a telemarkerter telling us about the state vote which was passed unanimously today. Here our some ideas to better understand instead of listing for 20mins half hour on the phone with the person.

1. Tell us a little bit about the proposal

2. Don’t ramble on the phone about it for mins

3. Gives us links, websites so we can read up on the proposal

4. Don’t call during dinner hour, call at different times

5.Send me things about proposal through e-mail or by mail


Writing Copy.

Welcome to the Eleven O’ Clock News, tonight channel 2 is following a breaking story on the American Dollar Demise which is hitting home right here in wny, good evening I’m Scott Levin.

 Today wny, has heard of news that many Americans are seeing that our American dollar is worth a lot less than ever. This has left many Americans wondering why? Here at home, being so close to the border many Buffaloians are notceing the affect. This downfall has made its way across our countries as well, affecting Saudi Arabia on oil exporting, and travelers in Europe and Japan. To learn more, we have more of this story up on our website at www.wgrz.com.

Interview 2.

Intro: My name is Juliane Schnibbe. I’m 24 and I’m a Resident Director at Collegiate Village. I’m currently attending Buffalo State for MS in Student Personnel Administration. I received a Bachelors in fine arts and a Bachelors in Art History from Sunny Potsdam.

1. JF:  What interests you so much in art?

     JS:  When I’m making art it consumes me. It is probably the only thing I can do and let 12 hours pass without realizing it. I also like that I can convey messages to an audience in a more tactile way, to leave an impression and provoke thought. I enjoy the subjective quality art has. I appreciate arts ability to capture a moment or feeling, enabling a viewer(potentially centuries later) to share that experience.

2. JF:  Who is your fav. Artist and why?

     JS:  One of my favorite Artist is Duane Hanson. I enjoy the social commentary his work portrays and the realistic quality of his sculptures.

3. JF:  What do you like of that artist’s work?

     JS:  “Super Market Shopper” is one of my favorites. I like that his work at first glance looks real it helps drive his message.

4. JF:  What would your medium be if you were an artist?

    JS:  My concentration for my BFA was ceramics, so I primarily worked with clay. My secondary focus was digital design, I primarily used Photoshop and dream weaver.

5. JF:  How many art galleries have you been too, and which is your fav one?

    JS:  I’ve been to too many to count. Several in Montreal, Ottawa, New York City, London, Amsterdam, Florence, Rome, and Paris. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to pick it would be the scratch gallery in london, england.

6. JF:  Do you like the art gallery that is in Buffalo, and what’s your fav. part?

   JS:  I actually haven’t been to the Albright Knox yet, though I hope to soon. I have been to galleries in Allentown which were nice.

7. JF: At what age did you start liking art drawings?

     JS: I’ve always loved art-the majority of my family work in the arts so from a very young age I was exposed to art, music, theater creative writing etc. When I was younger my favorite coloring book was a Keith Haring coloring book.

8.  JF: What was the first art drawing your saw, and who was it by?

     JS:  I don’t remember the first piece of artwork I saw, but the first time I remember actually appreciating art was when I was six, I was at the Louvre (Paris, France) and it was a sculpture thevenus de milo.

9. JF:  If you were an artist who would you wanna be?

   JS:  It might be fun to be Van Gogh for a day… But only a day.

10. JF:  What colors would be mostly used in your drawings?

       JS:  It would depend on what I was drawing or painting color adds to the mood of the piece.

Interview 1.

1. JF: Who are you, what type of person are you?

     BR: I am Brandan Rosario, a freshman at Villa Maria College. I’m a caring person, and I’m very easy to get along with. I am also a very determined person. When I know I want something, I’m going to work as hard as I can to have it.

2. JF: Who helped you get to where you are today?

    BR: My mom has, and is still helping me set who I am today. My father has never been a part of my life so she has had a double job in raising me, and my two other siblings. Without my mom I wouldnt be where I am today, because she’s giving me the strength I need to make it through the tough times I’ve been through.

3. JF: Do you like your major in school?

    BR: Yes, Music is my passion and I couldnt see myself doing anything else.

4. JF: Do you like College?

    BR: Yes, college for me has been an opportunity to grow as a person, as well ad being able to foucs on what I want to do with my life.

5. JF: What in life could you not go without?

    BR : Music and Family because both help me get through the good and the bad times in my life. My family is always there for me whenever I need them, and music speaks to me in a way that nothing else can.

6. JF: If there was on place in the world you could go, where would it be and why?

    BR:  Australia, because I’ve always wanted to travel out of the states, and Australia has always been the most interesting place to go, in my opinion. I would love to see a kangaroo and visit the Sydney Opera House.

7. JF: What Buffalo News channel do you find yourself checking into more?

    BR: I don’t really watch news on t.v, but I do check on Buffalonews.com for our weather forecasts.

Hard News paper.

 Buffalo- Back a few season’s ago, This town and this city was buzzing with excitement about how good our hockey team The Buffalo Sabres really were. They were safe to stay here in town by billionaire Tom Golisano. Even now he is still considered a saver in Buffalo even as he is done with owning the Sabres people will always remember Tom Golisano for stepping up and buying the team when it really need an owner and was in some trouble of moving out of  Buffalo. Within the last few months Golisano has come out to say he is selling the team as long as that person will keep them here in Buffalo. So this man from Pennsylvania named Terry Pegula has stepped in and offered to buy the Sabres from Tom Golisano, and said that he will buy them and never move them out of Buffalo as long as he is owner. He also told Golisano he has the money and the ideas to get this team better and back on track and get them to one goal and that is back to the Stanley Cup and to win one or if not more. Now there has been a lot going on through this deal and making sure everything is correct and ready for Terry to take over. The sale of the team is worth 175million dollars. The deal has been finalized and Pegula has accepted on buying them for 189million. Just recentely in Buffalo word as come out to our fan base and we all know he will be the new man in town with the Sabres. But it is taking awhile for him to step in but it’s all because of the deal being finalized and Terry Pegula meeting with the NHL Boards of Governors and the NHL Commissioner Gary Bettmen. Fans I’m sure are getting antsy which of course I am one of them, but we have to understand here then when  things like this happen in any company it takes time and everything needs to be correct and finalized the right way so when the new person takes over everything is ready for him to rock an roll, with a new foucs and new idea. Many are exicted about Pegula takin over the new ship of the Sabres, but we also hope that he can make some changes to this team which are needed. The annocument took place at the HSBC Arena on Thrusday february 3rd, 2011 at 12 noon, As Tom Golisano, and Larry Quinn turn the page over and stated new ownership to Terry Pegula. The media was over this story along with all the news and sporting stations in Buffalo and around the hockey world as well. This change in ownership as not only affected us here at home but every city who has an NHL hockey team and there fans as well. The players and coaches know whats happing and are exicted as well, but don’t want it to affect there game, as the have games to play and need to win, but are really into whats going on and are pumped to meet Terry and see what he can do for this team, but for the moment all there minds are on the game. I have a great feeling about this whole change and am super pumped to see what Terry can do! I believe that thrusday february 3rd will if it has not already a great day in Buffalo sports history.

Welcome to Bacherlorette Ali Fedotowsky and Finace Roberto Martinez Wedding Announcement!

   Ali and Roberto met on the last season of the Bacherlorette TV show. Ali chose Roberto to be her husband in the final show on the Island of Tahiti. The wedding will have a good color of yellow to it, which is Ali’s favorite color.  Ali and Roberto have gone about a whole year now finding  out more about each other and relaxing around. Ali and Roberto are planning a spring 2011 wedding in San Francisco California. Ali is 25, and Roberto is 26.

I am….

1. I am a musician

2. I am nice

3. I am friendly

4. I am happy

5. I am upset

6. I am funny

7. I am interesting

8. I am injury prone

9. I am loving

10. I am bored

11. I am awesome

12. I am country

13. I am buffalo

14. I am a human being

15. I am sports

16. I am lucky

17. I am travel

18. I am fun

19. I am passionate

20. I am a bachelor